Tier Beads Sleeves Dress Bra Straps | by PIN STRAPS

Tier Beads Sleeves Dress Bra Straps | by PIN STRAPS

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Includes 2 (1 pair) Cap Tiers Beads Crystals Straps (Silver) with clip on Pin-Latch-Hooks attachment on each end of straps | Bella Luxury PIN STRAPS™️

NO-SEWING, NON-SLIP! - Bella’s Lingerie luxury PIN STRAPS™️ secures and easily alters the look of your strapless bra, shapewear, dress, and tops without having to sew. In just seconds our multi-way PIN STRAPS reinvents your strapless, by instantly replacing your ordinary bra straps and adding stylish straps to your strapless top, dress, gown or brassieres.

STUNNING! You will look spectacular on your big day with this set of shimmering high grade crystals shoulder straps, sparkles like real diamonds!

The Ultimate Solution to Bras and Strapless Malfunctions!

Unlike others’ traditional straps, our re-invented replacement bra straps have built in pin-latch hook technology that secures your strapless all day, prevents strapless dress, gowns, shapewear, bras, tops, and costumes from slipping down. Guaranteed.


  • Ultimate strapless support
  • Easy and instant attachment, No-sewing!
  • Adjustable and removable
  • Gives you two options for attachment: hooks as well as pin-latch clasps on to your intimates and strapless apparel providing you maximum support
  • Has soft back for comfort on shoulders
  • Proven to hold up to plus sizes
  • Works with or without a bra
  • Best support beautiful straps for wedding dress, bridal gowns, strapless tops, prom dress, strapless dress, bras, corsets, bridal gown, prom dress, costumes, lingerie, shapewear and more!


  • Shoulder Straps are 14 inches of Rhinestone Crystals + 6 inch chain for adjusting length


  • Easily clean with damp cloth and air dry