Multi-way Replacement Bra Straps (White) | by PIN STRAPS

Multi-way Replacement Bra Straps (White) | by PIN STRAPS

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Includes 2 (1 pair) White Fabric Multiway with clip on Pin-Latch-Hooks attachment on each end of straps | PIN STRAPS™️


Tired of your traditional bra straps falling off your shoulders, hooks breaking or slipping off, uncomfortable straps digging in feeling like is killing your shoulders, dreadful sewing of broken straps, bra straps leaving you unsupported and limited styling options. No more, with Bella's PIN STRAPS™️ you'll have a personalized comfortable fit on your shoulders, ultimate lift & support and will stay right where you want them. Saves your bra and from having to sew. They are easy to use, detachable, and can be used with all your bras and interchangeable for limitless configurations.

The Ultimate Solution

Unlike others’ bra straps, our re-invented replacement bra straps have an ergonomic built in Pin-Latch Hook technology that discreetly clips on to secure your straps in place and customize your fit and styling needs, comfortable, and fits all bra sizes. Instantly can replace and fix your broken or stretched out straps saving your bras and without having to sew.

Perfect for adding to all your bras, shapewears, bodyshapers, strapless garments, swimwear, corsets, dresses, costumes, leotards, dance wear, sports bras, strapped outfits, and more!


  • Multiway j hook with built-in Pin Latch for convertibility and provides Ultimate Support
  • Instantly attaches to your traditional bra, Victoria Secret's bras, strapless garments, convertible bra, shapewears, bodyshapers, corsets, strapless outfits, strapped outfits, sports bras, leotards, dance wear, costumes, and more!
  • Fully Adjustable and removable, to use with all your bras and garments
  • Instant fix! No sewing! Replaces broken, worn out, old straps and prevents strapless malfunctions
  • Gives you two options for attachment: hooks as well as pin-latch clasps on to your intimates and strapless apparel
  • Comfortable on shoulders and easy to use
  • Multi-Way: can be used straight, x-criss cross, halter neck, racerback, one shoulder, V style, and more!
  • Strong; works with virtually every bra size
  • Can be used with or without a bra with all your strapless outfits, the choice is yours!


  • Fabric Straps length: 10 inches extends up to 20 inches
  • Fabric Straps width: 12mm


  • Elastic Fabric Pin Straps — Nylon and Spandex of High Quality, Soft Padded Plush Back ; Smooth Satin Front
  • Patented Pin-Latch Hook — Metal and Stainless Steel


  • Machine washable, air/line dry