Royalty Straps and Necklace Set | by PIN STRAPS

Royalty Straps and Necklace Set | by PIN STRAPS

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Includes 2 Royalty Styled Pin Straps + 2 piece Necklace | Luxurious royalty style wedding crystal detachable bridal dress straps and set of shimering crystal necklace. Set of straps have a unique innovative pin-latch hook on both end of straps which provides ultimate bust and dress support...secures your bra and dress | Non-slip straps all day, even while dancing.

STUNNING! You will look spectacular on your big day with this set of shimmering crystals necklace and straps accessories, sparkles like real diamonds!

Are you looking to wow everyone with lots of bling on your big day? and for an easy way to add fabulous straps to your strapless or party dress to secure it from slipping down and for adding an extra touch of glamour? These convertible straps are the perfect combination of luxury and versatility.

Perfect set of necklace and straps for wedding, school dance, pageants, prom, homecoming.


  • Easy and instant attachment, No-sewing
  • Straps hook on and off like regular convertible bra straps and
  • The front of j-hook has a built in Pin-Latch which instantly attaches on to also secure your dress or top for ultimate support and looking flawless
  • Detachable Straps - can be used with other outfits
  • Multi-Way: can be used regular two or one shoulder, X-criss cross front or back, V-front or back, and more!
  • Prevents strapless dress, bra, or shapewear, and dress from falling down...Instant lift...Keeps it all in place. Optimal support, Guaranteed.
  • Ultimate Support, Proven to hold up to plus sizes busts and dress gowns...No more slip and sliding... no more tugging on your strapless dress, tops, bras. Guaranteed.
  • Works with or without a bra; the straps built in pin-latch hooks allows you to hook on like regular bra straps and/or pin-latch directly to dress without sewing
  • Best support beautiful straps for strapless wedding dress, party dress, bras, corsets, bridal gown, dance costume, prom dress, bandeau tube top, shapewear and more!
  • Straps back are soft polished so it lays comfortable on your shoulders and does not dig in


  • Includes set of Luxurious necklace, High Quality Crystals rhinestone -- sparkles like real diamonds
  • Each Necklace length is 15 inches + 6 inch link chain extender for fully adjusting
  • Each Necklace width is 15mm each (when placed together, 30mm total width)


  • Straps Length: 15 inches + 6 inches link chain extender for adjusting


  • Necklace Length: 15 inches + 6 inches link chain extender for adjusting
  • Necklace Width: 15mm each (30mm total when placed together)