Unlike ordinary bra hooks,

Bella's Lingerie Bra Straps Pin-Latch Hooks can be attached wherever you desire, for a personalized fitting and the ultimate support. Here are some examples of how PIN STRAPS can help you:


Save your bra! Instant Fix and Ultimate lift with PIN STRAPS!

Yikes! ... Broken bra or worn out straps? No time to sew?


PIN STRAPS can instantly replace your straps anywhere you need them for a comfy fit and instant busts lift!

Uncomfortable bra straps laying by your armpits? Just cut-off those annoying straps!


PIN STRAPS’ advanced technology pin latch hooks keep your straps in place and out of sight all day, looking FLAWLESS!

Frustrated your bra straps are showing and slipping off your shoulder and out of the bra loops