Unlike ordinary hooks,

PIN STRAPS™ is a groundbreaking, innovative, revolutionary product (Patents pending); the first and only strap' of its kind with a redesigned hook* to solve all those problems and frustrations women have been struggling with for decades with their bras, undergarments and fashion wear.

Game-changing invention!

What makes our hooks different from ordinary hooks? The secret is in the all-in-one Pin. Latch. Hook. technology, designed not only to save women from having to sew, bra strap syndrome, or from wardrobe malfunctions, it makes more options available for their entire closet! ~ Invented by a woman for women.

 *the first major improvement in the hooks used in the brassieres, lingerie, apparel and fashion accessories since its inception in 1938.

Here are some examples of how PIN STRAPS can help you:


Save your bra! Instant Fix and Ultimate lift with PIN STRAPS!

Yikes! ... Broken bra or worn out straps? No time to sew?


PIN STRAPS can instantly replace your straps anywhere you need them for a comfy fit and instant busts lift!

Uncomfortable bra straps laying by your armpits? Just cut-off those annoying straps!


PIN STRAPS’ advanced technology pin latch hooks keep your straps in place and out of sight all day, looking FLAWLESS!

Frustrated your bra straps are showing and slipping off your shoulder and out of the bra loops