NO-SEW Hooks (Pack of 4) No-Slip Multiway Clips Replacement Swimsuit Bra Clasps Metal Swan Hooks | by PIN STRAPS

NO-SEW Hooks (Pack of 4) No-Slip Multiway Clips Replacement Swimsuit Bra Clasps Metal Swan Hooks | by PIN STRAPS

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Includes Pack of 4 - Universal Replacement Swan Clasp Metal Pin-Latch Hooks

The world’s first and only all-in-one Pin Latch Hook and sew solution...

Easy way to tailor your bras, swimwear & wardrobe at home! — NO SEWING, NO GLUING — It just couldn’t be easier! — its versatility makes options more available for your entire closet! So discreet and comfy you'll forget you have it on!

Anti-slip, No-sew, ergonomic Pin-Latch Hooks are a must-have fashion staple in your closet and/or purse as part of your style emergency kit to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, fantastic for DIY crafts, and to quickly and easily repair fix your broken bra straps, dress or swimsuit straps, or broken straps plastic hooks or worn out metal hook clasp from bra straps, swim suit, shapewear, brassieres, costumes, dress and dancewear...

Not only can it instantly replace your broken lingerie or garments’ straps without sewing, it can also secure your straps in place, and secure your strapless providing you comfort and the ultimate support and much more.

Our innovative revolutionary replacement Pin-Latch Hooks clips clasp metal notion are easy to use, attaches in seconds!, safe to use on any fabric, washable, and are removable to use again and again — has two options for attachment:

  1. No-Sew: Easy to use, Pin-Latch Hooks can be instantly attached without sewing on. Removable, great for reusing with your other garments, and allows several ways of collocation.

  2. Can also be sewed on if desired

These ergonomic pin clips lay flat so is very discreet / does not show — stays hidden and out of sight.


Universal, Versatile, all-in-one Pin. Latch. Hook. (patents pending)

  • Great for DIY - craft projects involving sewing and no sewing (i.e. for customizing bra straps, decorative straps, swimwears, lingerie, leotards, costumes, spanx shapewears, dresses, strapless outfits, tops, sports bras, corsets, brassieres, and more).
  • Repair and Replace broken straps and hooks on your bras, dresses, leotards, swimwear, etc.
  • DIY craft projects for personlaized fit and style detachable straps to add to your wedding dresses, prom dresses, dance outfits, costumes, etc.


  • Unlike fashion tapes or traditional hooks our Pin-latch Hooks keeps it all in place...the pin part attaches to your strapless outfit while the hook part engages to your bra loops providing you ultimate security and lift.
  • Ultimate Support - Great for securing your strapless dresses, and various other under and outer strapless garments simultaneously while providing you with the ultimate security and lift while still maintaining a flawless strapless look. Your bra and dress stays up even while dancing, swimming, or exercise. Guaranteed. You will never have to worry about your strapless falling down.
  • Maintain a Strapless Look Without Worrying About a Nip Slip - These universal Pin-Latch hooks are the only hooks in the world that can work without straps to maintain a strapless look while securing your bra and strapless outfit simultaneously.
  • Extra tip: If no bra loops present you can use the pin part to glide through your bra until reaching your outer garment inner band.


  • Instant fix, No-Sewing, No-Gluing; easily replaces your broken or old metal hooks or plastic hooks and in just seconds clasps on to your broken swim suit straps or torn bra straps, or dress straps, and much more - all without having to sew!
  • Multi-way - Once you add our Pin-Latch Hooks to your straps you can achieve limitless configurations to customize your fit with your garments (for example: such as straight, halter neck, over-shoulder, x-cross over-front or back, v back or front and more.
  • No slip Bra Straps - Say good-bye to falling bra straps! Our Pin-Latch Hooks can be used as a shoulder strap retainer and concealer...keeps your traditional bra straps in place all day and every day! Easily clips on your bra straps and on your shoulder seam of your tank tops as well as tops with sleeves, shirts, dresses, etc.
  • Ultimate bra strap holder can clip any size bra straps together to gently pull your straps back for a more better posture, support, cleavage control. Perfect for clipping on front or back of bra straps to customize a fit style for all your racer T-back, X-Criss cross, Y-style tops & dresses.
  • Attachable, Removeable and Reuseable - straps: unlike others traditional hooks, our anti-slip Pin-latch Hooks keeps your straps secured locked in place until ready to be removed for using with your other garments.
  • Align Your Straps - attach one pin-latch hook to your back or front of your bra straps to achieve a t-shape, y-shape, x-shape, racerback and can also align your tank spaghetti outfit straps or camisole straps with your bra straps, and more.
  • How to Shorten Your Straps - 1. without cutting your strap you can fold it under and then use the pin-latch hook to secure it in place once your preferred strap length achieved. 2. Strap can also be cut off and then clipped on with the pin part or you can sew on hooks if desired.


  • Hooks inner opening diameter is 12mm ( the complete width of hook is 18mm) so they can accommodate up to a 14mm width elastic or strap. Note: If your band or strap is anywhere from 8mm width to up to 14mm it will fit just fine, but if you wish to use the Pin-latch instead of sewing then you can latch it to any width of elastic band strap or on clothing.


  • strong high quality steel metal


  • gentle wash by machine or hand