The first major improvement in the hooks used in the brassieres, lingerie, apparel and fashion accessories since its inception in 1938.


Distinct from ordinary hooks used in the brassieres, lingerie, swimwear, apparel and fashion accessories, Pin Straps’ ‘hidden secret’ is in the all-in-one Pin. Latch. Hook. technology designed to be the go-to accessory for all bras, other lingerie, as well as strapped or strapless fashion wears. Pin Straps’ Pin. Latch. Hook. technology is constructed to be discreet, comfortable, and multi-functional. Ergonomically designed with every size of women in mind, and engineered to diversify in use and support a lot of weight.

With its Pin Latch Hook technology, Pin Straps has the ability to easily replace broken bra straps, and alter (or save) any bra or strapless bra in seconds. Moreover, Pin Straps’ technology can quickly alter women’s strapless garments into strapped while simultaneously securing their undergarment and strapless outfit to provide the wearer maximum security and support. If preferred, wearers can even use the Pin Latch Hooks without the straps to maintain a strapless look. Both options prevent any bra shifting and strapless falling.

All of these solutions, and much more, are achievable without the need to sew. The no-sewing capability of Pin Straps, because of the Pin Latch Hook technology, proves to be an especially critical function for users who are unable to sew due to sustainability of hand injuries, or eyesight impairment, and for any individual who simply does not know how to sew, nor have the time.

Pin Straps’ multi-function-ability allows limitless configurations for styling, while giving a personalized fit & support to the wearer that is needed to prevent the dreaded bra strap syndrome — its versatility makes options more available for your entire closet!

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