customers’ reviews

“Having the pin option on there is the reason we bought them.”

by University of MO Extension

Bra Strap Syndrome Relief …

“Wearing the double strap pin latch hooks on my bra has helped me a lot. I am triple D, so this really gives the support I need. It really feels as I am bra less. I’ve always had problems with my bra, because I am heavy chested and it pulls weight down making painful indentions on my shoulders not only does it hurt, but it also looks very ugly, specially when you wear a off shoulder dress. Thank you Pin Straps for understanding women needs.

by Maggie

“Great product! I’ve found so many uses for these it’s crazy!”

by Kim

{Purchased the 4 pack Pin Latch Hooks}

love these straps

This is such a wonderful idea. I had used these for prom. They helped me hold my dress up so I wasn’t pulling at it all the time. They looked really great too. They were easy to attach to the dress. I will definitely be using my straps again.”

by Trisha

“Nice that it has 2 options for attachment, hooks and also safety pins for extra support. Loved it! Did the job perfectly and looked great!”

by Heidi T Wildrick

“Better than expected! There is not a strapless bra made for 32”kkk, but I have one & it won’t stay up, so I ordered the 2 sized silver ones first. And WOW I didn’t break them! Apparently they can hold allot of weight?! It makes my options more available for my entire closet. And when you can see them peek through a dress or top, they look beautiful! Very impressed, just ordered the gold package!!!”

by BB

{Purchased Double Row Crystal Rhinestones & Multiway Clear Pin Straps}

“LOVE IT!!! I received this in the mail yesterday and I couldn’t be happier!!! It attaches very easily to my bra or strapless top and it looks beautiful! I was afraid it might be uncomfortable but it isn’t!! I can’t wait to buy more in different colors!!!”

by Katy

“Very pleased with this item. They were purchased to help with a bridesmaids dress issue and they were the only straps that I could find that would attach both to a multiway bra and the dress.”

by rozjanelittle

{Purchased Multiway Clear Pin Straps}

“…I love the look. I have so many outfits that look awful with my bra straps hanging out. This is no longer an issue. This is a must for any racy wardrobe. I feel like I look a lot more put tighter and not trashy. These are clear. You really don’t notice them that much. Perfect for my halter tops, tank tops etc. I look better and more put together! I like that these are adjustable. They feel like good quality. I wear a 38C and I don’t feel like these will wear out anytime soon. They feel like they were made to last.”

by Ky

“very nice straps and strong hold”

by Lora J.

“Love these - Nice Quality. Since summer is around the corner I wanted to get some clear bra straps to wear, I am so happy with these too!! I have owned a set in the past but they were flimsy and cheap.. These are a world apart! I got the 10mm which is about the size of just your average bra strap. They stay in place great, are thick and strong and actually exceeded my expectations as far as quality and holding the bust up…You have the option to slide the hooks into your bra or there are pins on each strap to connect to clothing, lingerie, bathing suit, shape wear, ect…They are comfortable and haven’t caused any adverse reactions to my skin, no rubbing or anything. Overall, I absolutely love them and would highly recommend..Great quality!!

by Lindsey & Jerome


“I am long waisted with a very low bust line. I have tried many different styles and sizes of bras and until now been unable to avoid pain in my rib cage area because the straps were so short. Not only are these straps long enough and adjustable but the fact that they are elastic increases my comfort. The pin closure is a godsend because I am able to remove and replace the straps on all my bras.”

by jtass

{Purchased Fabric Elastic Pin Straps}

“Truly a great product. I can honestly say I love this product. It works exactly how it was suppose to and u can use it with anything. The best part is if u have an old bra that the straps are old and abuse u can cut those off and clip these on and the bra works like its brand new.”

by AC

“Hi there i just wanted to say thank you thank you sooooooooooo much for this because its funny how i just layed in my bed last week thinking how much i love the off ahoulder shirts/dress but due to my big bust i cannot find the right strapless bra that holds them and i just decided to type on google cute straps for bra and i stumbled onto your merchandise i felt like it was heaven on earth and i received it sooo fast and i just tried it on and it was perfect so i just wanna say thank you a million for this thoughtful idea.”

by Ysela Charlecelent

“This was the best item I tried for my strapless prom dress. I definitely will be ordering more.”

by Kayla Vaughn

“Super fast shipping. Item works great. Bra straps are not showing on a blouse with wide neckline. Beautifully boxed and packaged.”

by Ellen

“Perfect for strapless gowns option to pin directly onto your dress, or clasp onto your bra.”

by Joshua Willard

“Appreciate that it arrived earlier than the estimated arrival date. Will hopefully get a lot of use because of the “pin straps”, good for strapless dresses. The handwritten personalized “thank you” note is a nice touch. It was sent in a small box, and inside the item was packaged in a gift box…that attention to detail was appreciated. More power to you.”

by Anonymous

“Perfect addition to strapless dresses! These are perfect for adding to strapless dresses for extra support, and to keep the dress up. The pins are very easy to use and are easy to take on and off. I wish they sold them in more colors.”

by Jennifer

{Purchased 3 Fabric Elastic Pin Straps in white, beige, black}

“Very pretty! I love them. I have tried them on and they lay across my arm beautifully. I know I am a little bit bigger in the arms than most (use to be weight lifter) so they lay perfectly on me and it will be nice to have a little extra support for my wedding gown. They came well packed too not just thrown in a bag but in a box then into a shipping box which allowed them to not get damaged which is always a plus.

I have tried them with my dress and they look AWESOME! I absolutely love the look. I am excited to see them in action and can’t wait till my wedding! One of the things that I like most about them is that they have two different types of hooks as it were on each end. First they have this nice big metal hook for if you have something to hook it too, then for added stability they have these broach pin like clasp you can use to hook it to your dress with. I suppose they are for if you do not have anything to put the hook on, I use both (put hook around the sewn in latch as well as used the pin through the inside of the dress’s lining to secure it even more) and felt confident they would be just fine.

**If they break, do not hold up, or for any reason do something not expected then I WILL return, amend my post and give an honest critique. I believe honesty is the best policy for life.”

by Chanindra

{Purchased the Shoulder Tier Crystals Pin Straps}

“Purchased these straps to wear with my wedding gown, and I have to say that the picture does not do these straps justice! They are so beautiful! I can’t imagine the cost that a bridal salon would sell them for, but I’m happy I found them here!”

by Kristal

{Purchased the Diamond style Pin Straps}

“Works really well, especially with a strapless that needs staying up,its also very pretty, it can be worn with almost anything”

by shanti walker

“My daughter attends a Christian school and cannot wear a strapless dress to prom. They are required to wear at least 1 inch straps. We ordered 2 sets of these to make 1 inch straps. They worked out great and were beautiful. She put them on herself and said it was really easy. No instructions were included, so it must have been. I don’t know if I would have been able to figure them out without some kind of instructions though.”

by Shari H

(Purchased 2 Sets of Four Rows Crystals Straps}

“Perfect Straps! Thank you so much”

by msbridgetg

“I must tell you I love your product. I hate strapless bras and was able to take my favorite bras cut the straps put yours on and wear dresses and shirts I never could. I get compliments all the time about my straps.”

by Lisa Scotto

Strapless dress saver! Daughter is using these straps on a strapless prom dress. The straps are gorgeous and provide the perfect amount of bling. More importantly, the straps help daughter feel confident in the dress. Great item. 

by Nancy Y. 

“This is gorgeous. The perfect final piece for my wedding dress. And the store owner is amazing. Super friendly and helpful. My package came a few days before it was expected to arrive!”

by Hannah Timbrook

{Purchased Cap Cascades Crystal Pin Straps}

Looks Great/Works Great! We ordered these for my daughter’s prom dress to help with a little extra adjustment. the dress was strapless but slid just slightly. It would have been a very costly alteration but these were a much more beautiful and inexpensive alternative. They are so highly functional as they have slides to hook into a bra or brooch clips to clip onto a dress. You can also adjust them just like jewelry clips. We criss-crossed them in the back. They are more sturdy than one might think. We used the brooch pin on a very heavy dress and had to adjust with the jewelry hooks quite a bit because she was so petite. They held for hours and worth every penny. She got numerous compliments. They were the best jewelry at the event and we bought them for practical reasons! We can’t wait to try out with other dresses. Would highly recommend.

by Amy

“Love it!!”

by Tania Veger

Awesome Bra with clear straps

It was perfect for the dress. Very comfortable and strong hold. Thank you so much for placing the pins where needed. Hope to use other products in the future. “

by Martha R.

{Purchased Bra with Clear Straps}

“Worked perfectly under my wedding gown. I love these Strap N’ Guard [Pin Straps] straps. I had a modest wedding gown with a lace overlay. Regular bra straps showed through lace, but I’m too full busted (D cup) to go with a completely strapless bra. So I ordered these hoping they’d solve the problem. It was an excellent buy- these clear straps are AWESOME! They’re durable, sturdy, and pinned well to my shapewear. They were also surprisingly comfortable for most of the night and held me up quite well. I expected the plastic to be too flimsy to hold up a large bust but it did a great job; the plastic is thick, flexible and stretches enough but not too much. My only complaint is that the plastics sometimes curls a bit if you’re doing a lot of moving bending. But they worked so well overall that that’s an extremely minor complaint in the scheme of things. I highly recommend these!”

by Violet T.

{Purchased Multiway Clear Pin Straps}

“Perfect! My daughters school requires straps on all their formal dresses —- these worked great!

by Julia Layton

“Love them!! I finally found a clear bra strap and/or replacement strap that does not break. They are sturdy and the pin attachment that pins the straps to the bra, is an awesome addition that other straps just do not have.”

by Tigerkitty

enhanced strapless dress.

This really enhanced the style of the strapless dress that my daughter wore to her prom. It also helped her feel less anxious about her dress slipping down. I was impressed by how quickly we received this. We got 2nd day shipping but it arrived by the next day.”

by michelle e date-john

“...bought rhinestone straps that I use on several of my strapless dresses! they just clip on to the dress, add a little sparkly (but they are not gaudy!), and are adjustable. Since they can detach I bought one set, and just transfer them to whichever dress I am going to wear. I highly recommend them if you want a shortcut, and don’t want to worry about sewing some straps of your own! I wish I would have known about these sooner. They are so handy!

by Bethany Lotulelei (thestrollermom)

Great solution to a huge problem! Bra kept slipping and I couldn’t keep it in place – sheer on the top of dress, so couldn’t have regular straps – this did the trick!”

by Msims

“Fabulous ; I’ve transformed a dress from being nice to absolutely gorgeous thanks to these beautiful straps.

Thanks a lot and look forward to buying more

Best Regards


by Nancy

Excellent service here

Arrived before said in a cute little package. Excellent service here. More then that…product saved my dress!”

by Ash

“Awesome strong straps and pin latch capability in multi size widths…great customer support. Highly recommend the straps and the seller.”

by Bev Carter

“wow these are faw out!…funky and i luv just pinning em in my tops…”

by Lisa Foley

A heaven sent solution…These accessories are a heaven sent solution to my sleeveless dress problem”

by Anonymous

“Gorgeous straps. I have received so many compliments on this product. I originally ordered it to wear to a graduation celebration but have since worn them to church, with my strapless sundress, and my halter tops. The fit comfortably without pinching. I would recommend to my friends.”

by mrsque 

“I bought these last minute worrying my wedding dress might need them. They shipped SUPER fast & are so much more sparky in person! They look & feel expensive! Highly recommend! I will keep these stashed away for date night regardless💘❤️🙂”

by Elysha Pare

“Perfect for strapless dresses or tops that don’t stay put! These cute straps are Heaven sent, especially if you’re a bit busty and your strapless tops or dresses don’t stay in place. They also go with any color clothes you wear.”

by Michi the vegan


Yes, these make good bra straps but I have found more uses for them. I use one to hold my dress from falling off my shoulders by pinning on on each side of the back of some dresses. On a low back dress, it works perfectly and looks looks pretty. I have also turned strapless dresses into dresses with rhinestone straps by simply pinning these to the front and back of the dress to hold it up. No more pulling up all the time with my strapless dresses. They go with almost everything. Best thing about these is that they don’t just have bra hooks, they ALSO have jewelry type pins so they can be used in a variety of ways. EVERYONE ask me where I got these. Very handy!!!!!!

by AC

“Thank you for the fast shipping! It will be great for my project with my wedding dress! There is already straps, but I want to personalize them with Pandora and crystals”

by Jeanne

{Purchased 8 pieces of Pin-Latch Hooks}

“these are great”

by Judy L.

“These worked perfectly!!!

I have a large, heavy bust and had to wear a bridesmaid dress with sheer shoulders. Plus, I have a newborn who is nursing, so I needed easy access. These were just what I needed and I’m glad to have added them to my wardrobe! The hooks hooked perfectly into my convertible bra and were easy to undo which allowed me to nurse my baby. They also have pins on them so that you can pin them to any strapless garment. They are versatile, sturdy, adjustable, and you really don’t notice they are there!”

by Mrs. U

Great product: Super easy and received quickly! Perhaps straps could be made in different width’s?

by Karen K.

“Brilliant idea! These worked perfectly and were such a great idea. My daughter had a strapless dress for Homecoming and we were worried about mishaps as she danced. You just hook these straps to the bra loops on the convertible bra and pin it to the dress and everything stays safe and secure all night long. She didn’t have to worry at all while she danced. They shipped out as promised, the price was great, and the quality was great. We definitely recommend these. I think all of her friends will be ordering them too.”

by Mom to 3

These straps are one of the greatest inventions EVER! It worked just as described! My mom even wants her own pair now. The shipping was SUPER fast. I would definitely recommend this for anybody.

by Emily B.

“Wonderful product. Worked perfectly for my daughters strapless prom gown!”

by Janet L. Kuchinski

“The Perfect Solution for Strapless Dresses! I pick up a lot of fun strapless dresses, but I have never enjoyed wearing them very much. A lot of them just don't seem to...ahem...stay up very well! I got these straps to solve that problem, and I am SOOO glad I did! They work like a charm, and add just a little bit of fun. They are not gaudy or uncomfortable, and now I can wear all my strapless dresses with ease! Buy them. All your friends will be asking you where they can get some too.”

By Grace L.

“Great! These are awesome little inventions! I can say they really make a big difference with you have large breasts and need the extra support.”

by Stefanie


by Gloria Butler

(Purchased Clear Multiway Straps)

“Good quality. Perfect for strapless top”

by Courtney S.

““does what it states it will. I’ve gotten these straps because my strapless bridesmaid’s dress got too big too close to the big date. So this product seemed like the most sensible solution. I had no difficulties securing it on the satin dress, and the straps held up to the photo session, ceremony, dinner and 3 hours of dancing. Pretty good performance , if you ask me…”

by DC_traveler_gal

“They were very good quality”

by Lisa K

“If I could kiss you guys I would! I bought a dress for a formal event and in my excitement of finding a dress so quickly, I didn’t realize my bra was going to be an issue (my straps showed). I have larger breasts (44DDD) and finding a strapless or multiway bra in my size AND to fit the plunge in the front of the dress was pretty much impossible…until I found your website! I was able to use your straps on a bra that I bought, used your strap to make a halter and it all worked!! I can’t wait to wear my dress now. THANK YOU!!!”

by Anna

“Girls best friend!”

by Tim

“Worked Great!!! Works great for strapless dresses def. A+++”

by jGib

“Been looking at these for a long time wanting to try and finally was able to order a set. They work great for a skirt that can also be worn as a strapless dress.”

by C. McCloud

“Exactly what I needed! Looked all over for this strap!”

by suemommion

“Love these and cant wait to wear them on my weddding day!!”

by cami101304

{Purchased the Heart Crystal Shoulder Pin Straps}

“Does the job

Used one of these to convert a backless adhesive bra into a backless halter & it worked great.”

by steve della

“You really don’t notice they are there!.”

by Mrs. U

“This is ingenious! I got this strap to wear with a halter dress with a spaghetti strap and a strapless bra that, like all such bras, sort of stays up on its own. With the pins on the hooks, I could attach the chain to the bra lined up with the spaghetti strap. So, it looks like a double stranded strap -- one black fabric from the dress, one sparkly. Cool effect. It appears to be well made, and I like the necklace-like closure at the top.”

by Dancing Mom

“Just wanted to say Strap N’ Guard [Pin Straps] literally saved my wedding day! July 7th turned out to be the hottest, most humid and muggy day of the summer to date. Things tend to expand in the heat, but one thing that didn’t was my wedding gown, which was altered to perfection on a dry, pleasant day. When my hook-eye broke in the limo on the way to our ceremony, I was left trying to figure out how the heck was I going to keep my strapless dress up. Every step I took down the aisle I felt my back zipper come down a teeny tiny bit more,and I almost panicked that I was going to have a Janet Jackson Super Bowl moment at the church. Thankfully my mom had 2 sets of Strap N’ Guard [Pin Straps] as a back up plan. Before taking our pictures at our reception venue we pinned the straps on and honestly, had it not been having them on hand, I would have been pretty miserable all day unable to fix my gown. Before our grand introduction, my bridal attendant managed to fix my hook-eye but it broke again while having dinner. With the straps, I was able to feel secure that my dress wasn’t going anywhere, partied the night away, and didn’t have to worry about any potential accidents. They are so clear they hardly show in any of our pictures. It was literally the most essential piece of my emergency kit!”

by Elysha Danielle

{Mom purchased Clear Multiway Pin Straps}

“Amazing! I am big chested and these worked great!”

by dnasplatton

“I like that these straps have hooks as well as pin clasps to secure them to my bra. I tried different, less expensive straps where the hook broke after only a few minutes of wearing them. I have only worn the straps once for about four or five hours without issue. They’re fun! Friends loved them and said they want their own.”

by Fay Price

“It does the job. Pretty smart idea. It may not be invisible but its the best darn clear straps a woman can ask for.”

by SR

“why did I not think of this??? Love it!

OMG!! Love these!!!! What a great idea!!!! Solves all those problems for women that have struggle with wearing a strapless bra…Thank you for these!”

by Calion


“The item was fine and the customer service was even better. Easy ordering, and very fast shipping. Would definitely order from this company again. Highly recommend.”

by Sally C.

“Great Product! These are just so versatile. Every woman should have them”

by IslandQ

“Useful. The safety pin part of this is fantastic. So wish I had thought of this”

by Mary Jo Walker

“They’re great… I’ve purchased about 20 of these straps, they’re great.”

by Ron

“Look great and clip very neatly on bras. The small discrete pin with them eliminates the need for safety pin.”

by Sakshi

“Durable and great value especially if you are larger busted or use daily. I love these. I have a few bras that I use these with. They are quality and still in use after almost 2 years. I love the pins as I can put tops in place or add something to an outfit. This is a good product and a good price for something that lasts. You will not be disappointed. 36DDD and these are not showing any signs of wearing out or breaking.”

by Little Star

“So happy these exist!”

by Kristen

“AMAZING!!! I wore the diamonds yesterday & super AWSOME opposed to bra straps showing. I like the clear too for other attire too, but the diamonds are my favorite. I wore a strapless bra that I cannot wear anymore with 32KKK’s, but the 2 string diamond bra straps held those babies up!! [I thought I have to get the 4 string ones, but nope!”

by BB

“Why did I not think of this??? Love it! OMG!! Love these!!!! What a great idea!!!! Solves all those problems for women that have that struggle with wearing a strapless bra… Thank you for these!”

by Cali

“No wardrobe malfunctions whatsoever. This is a great product, it really solves the problem of tube tops backfiring on girls and moving around”

by Ron

“I had a difficult time making the straps work with the particular garments that I purchased them for so Carmen, herself, reached out to me to guide me through the process with tips and tricks, videos and instructions. I am now able to wear these comfortably almost DAILY. And that is coming from a woman who does not wear bras at all. I can say confidently that these straps have helped me wear some shirts that I could never before giving me a boost in my self esteem. I am now eyeing up my wardrobe to see what else I can 'modify'.”

by Bluebell Rivers

 “Gives me an instant lift and prevents my tube tops from falling down. I have a larger bust so these fit perfect on my tops and bras to keep my ladies intact.”

by Jamie


I needed a clear-strap bra for a particular dress, and it seemed my only option was to take a strapless bra and hook clear straps onto it. The dress was also very form-fitting, and I hated the shape the strapless gave under the dress. I searched everywhere for a traditional demi shaped bra with clear straps, to no avail. I had finally resorted myself to cutting straps off of one of my bras and sewing clear straps onto it, until I came across a recommendation for the StrapN’ Guard [Pin Straps] pin-on clear straps. Game changer!! Now I can wear any of my bras with clear straps, which makes me super happy because I hate strapless bras! All I have to do is pin the clear straps on and then tuck the regular bra straps into the cup. It worked great. They were strong, held up great, and didn’t need any adjusting. You can’t feel the metal clasp either.”

by Sarah A.

“it worked well did not damage the dress, comes with pins and hooks. came quickly, just as pictured. can use it in many ways. makes you feel very secure when wearing a strapless dress.”

by Di

Versatile Straps

Connects to bra or dress for the support you need and looks great too! Can be used straight or crossed”

by Shelly Fuller