About Us

Established in 2012

For PIN STRAPS™ founder Carmen Molina, innovative problem solving is at the core of the company’s purpose. In 2010, when Carmen found herself having a wardrobe malfunction while sharing laughs over a coffee with friends, she soon realized that there was a void in the market for convenient, discreet, and inexpensive lingerie & fashion solutions, and that women everywhere have faced a variety of malfunctions for decades with their undergarments and other fashion wears because of this void.

From this realization, the Pin Straps design was pioneered to fill that void by being the world’s first and only brand with the all-in-one "Pin-Latch" Hook advanced technology. Within the first year of its launch, Pin Straps reached all 50 states and various other countries around the world.

Carmen’s revolutionary creation allows all women, of all sizes, to finally experience a quick, affordable and effective solution to their common undergarment and fashion wear dilemmas, without any need to sew. The “no-sewing” capability of Pin Straps, because of the "pin-latch" technology, proves to be an especially critical function for users who are unable to sew due to sustainability of hand injuries, or eyesight impairment, and for any individual who simply does not know how to sew, nor have the time.

Now, seven years into Pin Straps, Carmen’s creation is transforming and revolutionizing the industry and is ever pursuing to grow her solutions products line ranging from: No-Sew Pin Hooks, interchangeable replacement bra straps, decorative dress straps, bra strap holder, tube tops, brassieres and more. Carmen’s mission is for Pin Straps to empower and provide ease in women’s lives.


Because of our "Pin-Latch" Hook technology, the spectrum of Pin Straps’ solutions is incredibly grand. From being able to repair/replace broken bra straps, other lingerie straps, and fashion straps (swimwear straps, dress straps, etc.), to being able to transform strapless outfits or undergarments into strapped while simultaneously securing both garments — All without having to sew! Pin Straps is continuously evolving in its capabilities.

All the meanwhile, Pin Straps provides benefits to its users by increasing overall comfort, confidence, and security through its personalization and limitless versatility. By using Pin Straps the dreaded bra strap syndrome is no more, strapless apparel slipping and falling down are issues women no longer need to fear, and maximum bust support is readily available by allowing women to personalize their own unique fit with limitless styling options — its versatility makes options more available for your entire closet!


We are located in the Sunny State of Florida, USA. We've been an online establishment since 2012, shipping to our customers around the world.


All of our products can be purchased here on our website. Our domain name www.pinstraps.com will take you directly here to www.bellalingerie.shop. 

You can find us on other online retail platforms such as:

Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, and more to come.

Please note, there are only select products from our PIN STRAPS™ catalog available for purchase on other retailers. 

Our website is the best way for our customers to browse our entire catalog and for new exclusive deals. 


Our company, Bella’s Lingerie Inc., is the exclusive manufacturer and retailer of all products using our "pin-latch" technology and "pin-latch" hook technology.

Additionally, bundles and other product pairings with our patented products are also exclusive to our company.

Patent No. 10,779,581 and patents pending.

Available for licensing