6 'Must-Know' Benefits for PIN STRAPS™

"Invented by a woman, understanding women's needs."

1. No Sewing - Hooks On & Pins On

Our straps and swimsuit bra hook replacements are designed with our one-of-a-kind "pin-latch" hook technology that lets you Hook On & Pin On securely to your bras, swimwear, dresses and other outfits without needing to sew.

  • Adding clear, invisible and transparent bra straps to your bra, swimsuit, dress, strapless without needing to sew by Pin Straps

2. Strapless Support

Add straps to your strapless without needing to sew.

Prevents your strapless from falling when using our straps' "pin-latch" feature.

Add any style bra & dress straps by PIN STRAPS™ for the ultimate support by keeping your outfits and bras in place all day and night!

3. Save your favorite bras

Want to save your non-convertible bras, swimsuit tops, and dresses?

Replacement Bra Straps by Pin Straps™ don't need bra loops to be able to add them to your bras and other tops. No sewing needed!

Instantly replace stretched, worn out, and damaged straps for your bras, or other garments, without needing to sew. Simply tuck or cut them off and add any of Pin Straps' replacement straps of your choice to the location you want for a personalized fit.

4. Bra Strap Syndrome Relief

Want to reduce the strain on your back, neck and shoulders from your bra straps?

Simply add a pair of Pin Straps to your bra if already strapped, or add 2 pairs of Pin Straps, and attach them at your desired width apart to help distribute your busts' weight properly for YOUR body and personalize your fit.

You can also use with your non-convertible bras. No sewing needed.

5. Limitless Multi-way Styling

You can alter & convert virtually any of your convertible and non-convertible bras, swimwear, dresses, corsets, and more, into a limitless styling convertible bra (such as with a 100-Way Bra). No bra loops and no sewing needed.

Get more styling options with your entire wardrobe!

6. Hide & Secure Bra Straps (No Slip)

Want to hide and secure your bra straps without your bra strap holder slipping or popping?

The bra strap holder by Pin Straps can be pinned on securely to your bra straps to keep them in place and hidden all day and night without slipping down or popping!


Watch our How to Use videos of Pin Straps' products being used in various unique ways.