Our Customers' experiences using Pin Straps' range of patented no-sew and non-slip products.

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"Very Clever and Useful Product"

"I wanted to convert my swimsuits into cross-straps in the back for a better fit. I don't sew. I saw these and decided to give them a try. They worked easily and honestly much better than I expected!"

by LKW

Purchased the Replacement Bra Swimsuit Straps by Pin Straps

"The Pin Closure is a Godsend..."

The pin closure is a godsend because I am able to remove and replace the straps on all my bras.”

by jtass

Purchased Pin Straps

"...2 Options for Attachment..."

“Nice that it has 2 options for attachment, hooks and also safety pins for extra support. Loved it! Did the job perfectly and looked great!”

by Heidi T Wildrick

"...I Can Convert Any Bra."

“Amazing! Ummm these straps are genius!!!!! I searched for convertible strap bras for weeks and hen saw these and now I can convert ANY bra. They are sturdy and comfortable. If you’re on the fence here’s your sign! Buy them!”

by Gina Barbanera

Purchased the Clear Bra Straps by Pin Straps

"Strapless Dress Saver!"

Strapless dress saver! Daughter is using these straps on a strapless prom dress. The straps are gorgeous and provide the
perfect amount of bling. More importantly, the straps help daughter feel confident in the dress. Great item. 

by Nancy Y. 

Purchased Pin Straps

"...[Pin Straps] literally saved my Wedding Day...the most essential piece of my emergency kit!"

“Just wanted to say Strap N’ Guard [Pin Straps] literally saved my wedding day!

July 7th turned out to be the hottest, most humid and muggy day of the summer to date. Things tend to expand in the heat, but one thing that didn’t was my wedding gown, which was altered to perfection on a dry, pleasant day. When my hook-eye broke in the limo on the way to our ceremony, I was left trying to figure out how the heck was I going to keep my strapless dress up.

Every step I took down the aisle I felt my back zipper come down a teeny tiny bit more,and I almost panicked that I was going to have a Janet Jackson Super Bowl moment at the church. Thankfully my mom had 2 sets of Strap N’ Guard [Pin Straps] as a back up plan.

Before taking our pictures at our reception venue we pinned the straps on and honestly, had it not been having them on hand, I would have been pretty miserable all day unable to fix my gown. Before our grand introduction, my bridal attendant managed to fix my hook-eye but it broke again while having dinner.

With the straps, I was able to feel secure that my dress wasn’t going anywhere, partied the night away, and didn’t have to worry about any potential accidents.

They are so clear they hardly show in any of our pictures. It was literally the most essential piece of my emergency kit!”

by Elysha Danielle

Mom purchased the Clear Bra Straps by Pin Straps

"Purchased these straps to wear with my Wedding Gown..."

“Purchased these straps to wear with my wedding gown, and I have to say that the picture does not do these straps justice! They are so beautiful! I can’t imagine the cost that a bridal salon would sell them for, but I’m happy I found them here!”

by Kristal

Purchased the Diamond Style Rhinestone Dress Straps

“Heaven Sent!!! I hate sewing!! Im glad i found these..."

I can just easily pin it. My regular hooks on my bikini constantly slides off so I removed it to add these nosew pin hooks. I was hesitant to buy it bc others said that is too small but im happy i got them they sure stay in place. They are almost a size of a quarter compare to my bikini hooks on the photo....I can’t wait to use these pins with my bras!! Their video really help me. Finally I don’t have to worry about my hooks coming undone when in the pool playing with my grandbbys 🙌”

by Grace

Purchased the No-Sew Pin Hooks (No-Sew Swimsuit Bra Hook Replacements) by Pin Straps

"I am triple D, so this really gives the support I need."

“Wearing the double strap pin latch hooks on my bra has helped me a lot. I am triple D, so this really gives the support I need. It really feels as I am bra less. I’ve always had problems with my bra, because I am heavy chested and it pulls weight down making painful indentions on my shoulders not only does it hurt, but it also looks very ugly, specially when you wear a off shoulder dress. Thank you Pin Straps for understanding women needs."

by Maggie

Purchased 2 pairs of Replacement Bra Straps by Pin Straps

"Versatile, used to make a nursing / pumping bra"

"I’m currently nursing my baby and was able to save one of my pre-pregnancy bras with these hooks. It was so easy to cut off my old straps and hook these on to make a cute and comfortable nursing bra! Hooks are versatile, definitely a must have!”

by Amazon Customer

Purchased the No-Sew Pin Hooks (No-Sew Swimsuit Bra Hook Replacements) by Pin Straps

"These straps are one of the greatest inventions EVER!"

These straps are one of the greatest inventions EVER! It worked just as described! My mom even wants her own pair now. The shipping was SUPER fast. I would definitely recommend this for anybody.

by Emily B.

Purchased Pin Straps

"Good Strong Sturdy"

"They were easy to use and worked well with my bras.”

by Lisa Sauve

Purchased the No-Sew Pin Hooks (No-Sew Swimsuit Bra Hook Replacements)

"Versatile Straps..."

“Connects to bra or dress for the support you need and looks great too! Can be used straight or crossed”

by Shelly Fuller

Purchased Pin Straps

"Perfect Addition to Strapless Dresses!"

“Perfect addition to strapless dresses! These are perfect for adding to strapless dresses for extra support, and to keep the dress up. The pins are very easy to use and are easy to take on and off. I wish
they sold them in more colors.”

by Jennifer

Purchased 3 Replacement Bra Straps (white, beige and black) by Pin Straps

"Now I can wear any of my bras with clear straps..."

“Game changer!! Now I can wear any of my bras with clear straps, which makes me super happy because I hate strapless bras!

All I have to do is pin the clear straps on and then tuck the regular bra straps into the cup. It worked great. They were strong, held up great, and didn’t need any adjusting. You can’t feel the metal clasp either.”

by Sarah A.

Purchased the Clear Bra Straps by Pin Straps

"They helped me hold my dress up so I wasn’t pulling at it all the time."

This is such a wonderful idea. I had used these for prom. They helped me hold my dress up so I wasn’t pulling at it all the time. They looked really great too. They were easy to attach to the dress. I will definitely be using my straps again.”

by Trisha

Purchased Pin Straps

"I have tried them with my dress and they look AWESOME!"

I have tried them with my dress and they look AWESOME! I absolutely love the look. I am excited to see them in action and can’t wait till my wedding!

One of the things that I like most about them is that they have two different types of hooks as it were on each end.

First they have this nice big metal hook for if you have something to hook it too, then for added stability they have these broach pin like clasp you can use to hook it to your dress with. I suppose they are for if you do not have anything to put the hook on, I use both (put hook around the sewn in latch as well as used the pin through the inside of the dress’s lining to secure it even more) and felt confident they would be just fine.

by Chanindra

Purchased the Tier Beads Sleeve Rhinestone Dress Straps by Pin Straps

"I can’t wait to wear my dress now. THANK YOU!!!”

“If I could kiss you guys I would! I bought a dress for a formal event and in my excitement of finding a dress so quickly, I didn’t realize my bra was going to be an issue (my straps showed).

I have larger breasts (44DDD) and finding a strapless or multiway bra in my size AND to fit the plunge in the front of the dress was pretty much impossible…until I found your website!

I was able to use your straps on a bra that I bought, used your strap to make a halter and it all worked!! I can’t wait to wear my dress now. THANK YOU!!!”

by Anna

Purchased Pin Straps

"I am now eyeing up my wardrobe to see what else I can 'modify'."

“I had a difficult time making the straps work with the particular garments that I purchased them for so Carmen, herself, reached out to me to guide me through the process with tips and tricks, videos and instructions. I am now able to wear these comfortably almost DAILY. And that is coming from a woman who does not wear bras at all.

I can say confidently that these straps have helped me wear some shirts that I could never before giving me a boost in my self esteem. I am now eyeing up my wardrobe to see what else I can 'modify'.”

by Bluebell Rivers

Purchased Pin Straps

"...Makes your feel very secure when wearing a strapless dress."

“It worked well did not damage the dress, comes with pins and hooks. came quickly, just as pictured. can use it in many ways. makes you feel very secure when wearing a strapless dress.”

by Di

Purchased Pin Straps